Art That Fits

Wall Art Studios and Artaissance are teaming up to market Artaissance’s collection, which spans the art scene, from traditional landscapes to hip, contemporary abstracts. They continually update their portfolio to keep it fresh and exciting, and they look for artists who offer a unique voice in the art world. With thousands of images to choose from, they believe you will find several that speak to you.

With Artaissance, you also have the option to choose canvas or paper to give your selection just the right look. They also understand the importance of having your art in the custom sizes you need to fit your unique space. Take time to browse through their portfolio and create your own special collection or call Wall Art Studios and ask them to put an art package together for you.

The following promotional code will allow you to get a discount on the art you choose. The Artaissance promotional trade code is to be entered online, at checkout in the designated box, in order to be processed appropriately. The trade code will still be available if you choose to have Wall Art Studios find the artwork for you.

Trade Code: TRD27810 25% off Expires 01/31/2010

For more information on visit Wall Art Studios hopes you enjoy the Artaissance experience as much as we do.


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