Wall Art Studios At A Glance

WHO: An art sourcing and custom framing company with an army of creative resources. Our expertise is in detail (art, accessories, furniture, etc) selection and placements as well as technical skill in proper presentation and installation.

WHAT: Our scope of services include: fine art prints, original art, commissioned art, sculpture, commercial furniture, mirrors, photography, and graphic design.

We work with many local artists, including our team, to gather anything our customers are looking for. We cover painting, photography, murals, mixed media, etc.

Our clients include: interior designers, architects, and corporate real estate brokers, property managers, builders/developers, hospitality, restaurants, banking, medical, and residential.

WHY: Our purpose is to provide designers and architects with a single resource for art-related products and services. Art and Architecture are the most dynamic ways to visually draw people into any space. Not every interior can boast of amazing architecture, but they can all have outstanding details. The perfect artwork and accessories can concisely illustrate what could take volumes of words to explain.

WHERE: Located at 2119 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016
On the web: wall-artstudios.com

WHEN: Gallery Hours are Monday thru Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.


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