Locals Only Exhibition at Phoenix Art Museum

July 12, 2009 —October 25, 2009
Rineberg Lobby, Lyons Gallery, Behrens Promenade, Great Hall, all levels of the Katz Wing.

Locals Only showcases 12 Valley artists whose work in different media (paint, print, and sculpture) deal with issues of identity, the tension between high and low culture, and the shifts between representational and conceptual art practices.

This exhibition was organized against the backdrop of Phantom Sightings: Art After the Chicano Movement, which will be on view at the Museum this Summer and deliberately explores how Metro-Phoenix artists work with the analogous themes and issues.


Claudio Dicochea, Fausto Fernandez, Luis Gutierrez, Annie Lopez, Melissa Martinez, Monica Aissa Martinez, Martin Moreno, Hector Ruiz, Roy Wasson Valle and Dose, Lalo Cota and Mykil ZEPata.


Two new monumental sculptures by Hector Ruiz.

A new series of paintings by Claudio Diocochea that examine that 18th century tradition of “casta” paintings from colonial Mexico.

Three conceptual text and photo pieces by Annie Lopez.

Collaborative paintings by Hector Ruiz, Dose, Lalo Cota and Mykil ZEPata.


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