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Thomas Schultz: Photographer, Surprise, Arizona

Born in Oceanside, California, Thomas spent his youth and early childhood traversing the Sonora and lower Mohave deserts of Arizona and California, following the decay of the western landscape for over three decades. Using his camera he documents the interaction of human resolve and a harsh unforgiving environment. His subject matter could be considered mundane; sun-bleached highways, abandoned structures, derelict signs, collapsing shopping centers, vacant motels, deserted gas stations, and vast landscapes are prevalent in his work.

Interested in reckoning disparities, Thomas’ perspective presents the viewer with a visual narrative of the evolution of time, space, and structure while exploring issues of transformation, and transcience, life and death, temporality and abandonment. His images evoke feelings of loneliness and despair immersed in sublime beauty.

Thomas’ photographic series “Sea of Death” exhibition opened August 14, 2009 and runs through November 13, 2009 at Goodyear City Hall. Artist Reception is Thursday, September 10th 4:30-6:00 PM @ Goodyear City Hall, 190 N. Litchfield Rd., Goodyear, AZ 85338

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Catherine Ruane: Painter/Visual Artist, Buckeye, Arizona

Catherine grew up in the Imperial Valley, a rich agricultural community in southern California filled with tomato fields and date-palm farms.  As a child she traveled with her grandparents along the western coast of California, Oregon and Washington State.  It was during this time of travel she learned to explore and record the unique vegetation that grew along the western coastline.

Catherine’s early diary consisted of drawings of weeds and twigs she discovered on daily adventures.  Bits of shells, rocks and weeds were all carefully drawn as a visual journal of her experiences.  There was nothing too insignificant not to include.  Even the tiniest of leaves would be rendered and notated.  The seemingly unimportant was indeed worth recording. Catherine’s work includes careful recordings of a day’s discoveries.  The attention to details in her drawings and paintings are there to reflect her careful observations of what she regards as saturated with wonder.

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Peter Roux: Painter, Pawtucket, Rhode Island


“The development of space in a painting sets up distances: between viewer and subject, and between formal elements and points of information within a subject”—Peter Roux

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