Taking it to the Streets

Grand has long been an Avenue of broken dreams, a story marred by two steps backwards after only one step forward.

But if there’s ever been a time for critical mass to turn the stretch of road between Van Buren and the I-10 overpass into something cool, urban, and approachable, it’s now. Why do we think so? Evidence.

Groovy offices like the one pictured above, bars and cafes, a record store, and fashion boutiques have all opened. There’s even quality art – not the stuff you purchase out of pity from somebody who sucks.

All of the businesses on Grand are banning together for a Grand Avenue Festival Saturday, September 26, starting really early and going into the wee-hours. Throughout the day, there will be fashion shows, live bands, and lots of open galleries. If you’re dedicated to hearing the stories behind the building rehabs from the people who actually did them, sign up for a $10 guided walking tour at 8, 9:30, or 11 am. Get tour tickets at Sapna Café (1301 Grand Avenue).

And stay up to date by following the Festival on Twitter at@GrandAveFest. Over 2,000 people already are.

Vital info: http://grandavenuefestivalaz.com



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