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A lot of us can recall as children spending hours stacking colorful Legos into shapes and sizes that formed from our imagination. While most of us grew out of that stage, Parisian designers Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti have proved with their chromatic Munchausen Lego Kitchen: you are never to old to play with Legos!

The result is a one-of-a-kind creation that serves as an artistic centerpiece for the space, in addition to functioning as a kitchen counter. Pillard, who works with fashion house JC de Castelbajac, and Rosetti who works with Hugo Boss France Identity, formed Munchhausen in 2004.


David McPherson: Painter, South Carolina

A graduate of Arizona State University, David’s work are like visual meditations and they are a product of his exploration of zen. With regards to his work David’s goal is to explore the connection between creativity and spirituality.

You can see more of David’s work at or at The Victoria Boyce Gallery in Scottsdale.

Brian Hibbard: Painter, North Carolina

Artist Statement: My paintings and sculptures bridge ancient and modernist sensibilities. The subjects are often classical figures and portraits, but my use of materials is pure expressionism. I am most comfortable working in large scale. It is a great format for viewers to “step into” and experience.

There is a close relation between how I work and the way I live. My worldview is grounded in reality, guiding principles and what I believe to be true. If I live or paint by only what I can see or understand there is no room for invention. At the same time, the freedom and joy of exploring new potentials, if not grounded becomes lost and has no direction. There is a necessary balance between what is real and our freedom to create, interpret and explore within this reality. What really makes my art alive is both embracing this concept and exposing the contrasts.

For more of Hibbard’s work visit g2 Gallery in Scottsdale or on the web at

Dennis Hartley: Painter, Oregon


American painter Dennis Hartley is represented by fine art galleries from coast to coast. Originally an architect, he has spent twenty-five years in design related fields in Europe and the U.S.

Through the Veil Painting

Artist Statement: One of my ongoing subjects for representation is the barn in the landscape, which for me represents the larger issue of the relationship of man and nature, the overriding theme of ancient Chinese painting. To me, these slowly aging icons of humble purpose possess a certain noble and monumental quality that transcends a sentimental viewpoint. I find that these ‘non-styled’ structures of pure utility can be used as a neutral and malleable motif to explore various painterly themes and ideas of form, space, transparency, and duality.

See Hartley’s work at g2 Gallery in Scottsdale or visit

Mesa Community College recently completed work on a stunning physical science building that exceeded LEED expectations when it was awarded LEED-NC Gold. Designed by the award-winning architecture firm, The Smith Group, the building is the first major LEED project to be completed within the Maricopa Country Community College District. The brand new 64,480-square-foot facility houses curriculum for the physics, astronomy, chemistry, geology and engineering departments including classrooms, laboratories, facility offices, an advising center and a 53 seat planetarium. Topping off the new space is an astronomy observation platform.