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John Rose: Sculptor, Venice, California

John Rose moved from England to China in 1976 where he taught painting and drawing at the University of Hong Kong while exhibiting regularly at the Art Center gallery. He traveled extensively throughout Asia absorbing the shapes, colors and flavors, inspiring his work today.

He currently lives and works in Venice, CA and has shown his sculptures at Costello Childs Contemporary in Scottsdale.

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Amy Zrike: Photographer, Scottsdale, Arizona

Artist Statement:  As a native Arizonian, Amy’s vision has always been greatly influenced by the people and places of the Arizona desert.  Her current fascination with cactus-up-close, stems from the idea of facing the enemy, so to speak!  Having been poked, pricked, stabbed and stung by so many species of these mysteriously beautiful plants, it was time to capture them on film.

Amy considers herself an Arizona desert rat, which she describes as a person native to the deserts of Arizona who has a deep affinity with its native characteristics of arid heat and endless skies.  Regardless how hard a desert rat tries to leave the desert, he/she will always come back.  Amy currently lives in the Rio Verde Area of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Amy has practiced photography for about 20 years.  She studied documentary filmmaking and photography in San Francisco at the San Francisco State University and the Academy of Art College.   All of Amy’s work is centered around and begins with a photograph.  “When I was growing up, my father, Aldo, regularly created and displayed many slide shows to our family.   He loved photography and all those shows definitely had an influence on me,” says Amy.  As a little girl, Amy was also fascinated by large photography books her family collected, especially ones documenting past wars.  “As a little girl I would sit on the floor and stare at images for hours.”  Most of Amy’s influences come from documentary photographers, but she says she has been influenced most by Diane Arbus and Mary Ellen Mark.

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