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50/50: Fifty Gifts Celebrating Fifty Years

Steele Gallery @ Phoenix Art Museum
December 4, 2009 – January 3, 2010

The spectacular unveiling of more than 300 new pieces acquired by the Museum in honor of its 50th Anniversary. Featuring works by several notable artists including Andy Warhol, James Turrell, Phillip C. Curtis, Judith Leiber and Chado Ralph Rucci, 50/50 is a stunning showcase of new works that will benefit each of the Museum’s seven collection areas.

Highlights include:
Large-scale contemporary paintings and sculptures as well as works on paper
American and Western American landscape paintings and portraits
A collection of 19th/20th century Retablos
Multiple ensembles and accessories by famous fashion designers
European paintings
A collection of 63 Chinese Yixing teapots, Japanese Cloisonné and ceramics from the Middle East, China, Japan and Korea


Judy Barie: Painter, Pittsburgh

Artists Statement: My Paintings are a balance of unforeseen elements and accidents, combined with distinctly rendered printed passages. The Juxtaposition of loose brush strokes with tight patterns creates a dichotomy that is meant to intrigue the viewer. I collectively layer color, vibrant gestural marks and rich patterns to meld and form abstract compositions that are grounded in formal concerns filtered through levity and beauty.

For more on Judy’s art visit her on the web at

Clare Tinnion: Painter, Scottsdale, AZ

Clare was born in North Wales and spent her childhood in Rochester, Michigan. She graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor in Fine Arts & a minor in Graphic Design. Spending most of her time working in Advertising, painting became her true love.

She focuses on shapes, texture, and color to evoke emotions. Painting with large, quick strokes using acrylic paint, sand, and different varnishes on canvas. Her subject matter varies from abstract color fields to contemporary and organic shapes. As she paints, she lets her feelings within guide the brush until the personality of the canvas in unveiled.

For more on Clare’s work visit or view her work in the Wall Art Studios Gallery space.