WAS Artist of the Week…

Tracy Helgeson: Painter, New York

Turning at the Edge

Tracy began painting landscapes, greatly inspired by the natural beauty surrounding the farmhouse that she lives and works in upstate New York. In her work she explores the relationships between reality and abstraction, as well as expressing her feelings and impressions regarding the landscapes she portrays.

This Day

Many of the expressive qualities in her work are the result of a personal sense of color. Transparent and opaque layers of paint create a sense of luminosity, as well as large areas of pure color. Closer inspection reveals many subtleties and variations within the color field. Pink is never just pink, green is never just green. Orange and red may be undercurrents, while deep blues and greens are subtle overtones.

Red Red

Tracy’s paintings are a combination of observation and imagination. Although aspects of realism exist in her work, providing a recognizable sense of space, realism is not her ultimate goal. The memory and imagination she works with will hopefully create a sense of intrigue for the viewer reminding them of a thought, a feeling or a place.

For more of Tracy’s work visit www.tracyhelgeson.com


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