WAS Artist of the Week…

Paul Swek: Metal Artist, Phoenix

Artist Bio:

A fast-growing part of my artistic repertoire and inspiration is making art pieces using reused or repurposed metal objects. These includes things such as old machinery gears, sheet metal from old cars, parts from various sources, sheetmetal and barstock that were leftover from other projects and scraps.

Being a person who tries to recycle, reuse and repurpose everything that I can in my daily life, due to my feeling of responsibility toward helping our planet heal and recover from years of abuse. Working in my studio one day, I started looking around at all of the parts and unused pieces of sheet metal that I had laying around in stacks and drawers. I started to think about how much was just sitting around and going to waste, so I decided to start experimenting with these. I am finding a part of me is being fulfilled that wasn’t there before. Now, a large part of my non-commissioned work is focused on the challenges of making beautiful artwork from discarded and unused metal and other objects. I am enjoying this new journey and I am excited to see where this new road leads.

For more on Paul’s work visit him on the web http://paulswek.com/ or at his studio. The studio is located at 1835 E. Sixth St.  Suite 10, Tempe, AZ  85281


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