Tips for Choosing Artwork

Artwork can be a reflection of yourself and your home, so when you choose it, you want to make sure it does just that. Whatever vibe it’s delivering, it essentially delivering you. Here are some helpful tips to choosing the best artwork for your style.

1. Identify the space. Large pieces work well for large places, and small pieces for small. Keep it in scale with the location.

2. Find your focal point. Wherever you place it, the art will turn into a focal point for the whole room, so make sure its well lit and a destination to attract the eyes.

3. Use hallways. Change your hall into an art gallery. These high traffic areas are the perfect place to house photographs.

4. Keep an eye. Direct sunlight can cause damage, so throughout the year, ensure that what was best in December still holds true in the summer months.

5. Go with the flow. Long, vertical walls suit artwork with a vertical composition; the same goes for horizontal art and walls.

6. Work with the wall. Decide whether white walls, colours, or textures create the best showcase for your art.

7. Hang it right. Choose to place your artwork at eye level while standing.

8. Think ahead. If making an investment, think of how it might transition if you move or redo your home.

Other tips to consider:

Understand Your Personal Style

Artwork comes in all shapes and sizes. If you’re traditional, go for a watercolor landscape of a garden or beach scene. Those with more romantic tastes can look to impressionist-style portraits, or photographs of couples. Photography is a great option for the trendy minimalist. If you’re looking for something modern and eclectic, pick pieces with bold colors and shapes. For a bohemian, artsy vibe, think antique items rather than paintings. Look for vintage record covers or movie posters. Frame and arrange them elegantly to maintain sophistication in the room and prevent it from looking like a college dorm.

Decide the Role You Want Artwork to Play in Your Room

Art can either play a large or small part of the decorating scheme in a room. If you have many large, ornate furniture pieces, look for smaller pieces of art. Frame a few, simpler 8″ by 10″ photographs or pictures. Rooms with slimmer, more streamlined furniture can afford to let large pieces of art shine. Think to hang a large painting, reflective of the personal styles described above, on the wall over a straight, simple couch. You can also tack floating shelves to walls to display standing frames or non-linear pieces of art, such as sculptures or collectibles.

Work with the Other Colors in the Room

This can mean either selecting art that contains and matches the colors on walls, bed, couch or pillows, or picking a piece of art in a contrasting color. If you’re in the former camp, look for modern art pieces with blocks, shapes and stripes painted in your favorite colors. Frame them in a complementary color to create some interest in the room, though. Have fun if you choose to go the contrasting route. If the rest of your room is bright and bold, create balance with black-and-white photography in thick, black frames. Or if your room consists of earthy neutrals, jazz it up with artwork that contains bold blues, rich purples, playful greens or vibrant reds.

Think Outside the Box

Artwork doesn’t necessarily have to be something that is sold and branded as such. Be creative in what you search for and select to hang as art on the walls of your apartment. If you’re interested in a certain picture or motif but can find it, ask an artistic friend to paint you something, or purchase a print from your aspiring photographer friends (everyone has at least one). Even consider looking to your fabric store. Frame interesting patterns of material to look like rich tapestries. For another twist, display interesting plates or vases as pottery on a floating shelf.



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