Monthly Archives: June 2010

1. Steelcase Node

The node classroom chair from Steelcase Education Solutions, designed for easy mode transitions, offers active learning environments for co-learning, co-creation and group discussion.

2. Stryde by Loewenstein

Designed by Michael Wolk, Stryde is reminiscent of international lounge chairs from the mid-20th-century. Characterized by clean, simple design, interesting angles & mix of wood & upholstery give it a classic style.

3. Crinoline by B&B Italia

Outdoor Collection Design Patricia Urquiola


With the Crinoline series Patricia Urquiola’s study of three dimensional textures helps infuse each piece with a supple feel and graceful design. These varied and bold materials alter between rustic charm and a dynamic modern sensibility. This poignant and playful exchange is a perfect reflection of the best that outdoor living has to offer. The dining chairs come with a metal base and poly weave back with a seat cushion.



Michael DeLucia, Sculptor, NY

DeLucia makes sculptures from ordinary utilitarian objects, such as mops and chain-link fencing.

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Marlyse DeCesare, Jewelry Designer, Scottsdale AZ

Marlyse DeCesare’ s  Contemporary Western Jewelry is handcrafted, unique and one of a kind. The stones and components for each piece are meticulously hand-selected to ensure the perfect product and attention is paid to every detail! If you’re looking for a typical Western piece with an interesting twist or Cowgirl Chic.

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Suzanne Caporael, Painter, New York

Suzanne’s work over the past 15 years has been characterized by an extensive and discrete series of paintings centering on phenomena of the physical world. Some of these have included depictions of the periodic table, tree rings, elements of pigments, estuaries, melting ice and plant stems.

Caporael investigates the physical world and transforms the intellectual and methodical data she has collected into sublime and resonate images. The genesis of her works is a complex and varied natural phenomenon, to which she brings her own particularly scientific approach; the implied grid system and multicolored amorphous forms suggest data gleaned from such varying sources as text, scientific data, and documentary photographs.

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