Corian Lobby Installation

I thought this was really cool. Not sure if Dupont wants to get into the art or architecture businesses just yet, but maybe 🙂

Originally posted by Lisa Smith on Core77 |  7 Sep 2010vito3.jpgvito4.jpg

Dupont has a history of working with artist’s and designers to find new ways to extend the materials they produce, like Corian. This time they work with artist-cum-architect Vito Acconci, who’s built a large scale installation for the lobby of the Bronx Museum of Arts. The Corian has been manipulated and sculpted to resemble fabric, falling and twisting in thin profiles to create seats, shelves, a table, and more. As visitors pass through the installation, they trigger sensors that activate projections, a subtle show of shadows and light.


Here’s how Acconci describes it:

“New Yorkers passing along the Grand Concourse will stumble upon this space without knowing it’s been designed by anybody in particular. I want them to become curious, to have a second chance at being children. This public commission is in a sense a strange furniture conceived as an act of rebellion.”

Though the scale and use of material is a bit of a wow factor, the whole thing is a bit difficult to make sense of—the “fabric” metaphor feels a bit stiff, but does make us wonder how else Corian can be “soft.” The project is probably less confusing in real space than in the pictures—go check it out between now and January 2nd at the Bronx Museum of Art. More shots follow.




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