theStudio Editorial: What makes good art?

Most contemporary art is trying to illustrate abstract ideas with hints of literal elements (like POP art but more refined), or creating some kind of idealism in it’s forms. Mixtures of collage and photoshop techniques along with advances in printing processes have introduced “fine art” to mass production.

Is there an artistic evolution coming?

Many people are working hard trying to impress fickle audiences with what they see as original ideas and shock, but most students of history will tell you IT’S ALL BEEN DONE BEFORE:

Some repeat/refresh has more success that others. Most of what we see in movies and media are nothing more than repeat and rehash of old (obscure?) ideas from our history’s real dreamers:

DaVinci, Telsa, H. G. Wells, Copernicus, Nostradamus, Confucius, etc.

To illustrate what I mean, look up general information on Arthur C. Clark and compare his “body of work” to many of the things created in Science and Movies over the past 40 years…

Here’s a start: Watch Arthur C. Clarke predict the world we live in, in a 1964 interview [Retro Futurism]

In other instances, the collector might try to gather what they think those in their “sphere” will enjoy to help reinforce their place within that sphere. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is used to justify personal bias or social need masked as a love for all things art. Many “artists” will prey on this behavior using social events and activities to promote their art or ideas. Is this just another form of the natural world’s “gang” mentality showing up in our collective creative process and the consumer masked as an art lover?

Picasso said: “Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.”

Let me know what you think



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