How to: Find the Art you LOVE!

What are the things that make Art appealing to so many people on so many levels? Some people need literal elements of photography or portraiture to get into viewing/collecting Art. Others need Color or Design Sense to feel value in what they perceive as Art. Some need to feel a connection to history or fame. Even others need to be convinced of value by or display value in the art they have/collect.

No matter what the conditions are, Art appeals to everyone at some level. So what does it take to discover/identify/find/make Art that appeals to each of us? Where doe’s someone start?

Here are a couple of steps to get started:

  1. Start taking pictures. Name and keep notes on the pictures themselves. The digital world makes this even easier once you get organized.
  2. Keep a Journal. Write down what you see and what you do and how you felt. These notes will help you or someone you work with to identify your likes/dislikes. The Journals themselves can become a resource for inspiration later.
  3. Go to Museums and Galleries where ever you live and visit. When you go to these places and say “Oooo…” or “Yuck”, keep mental notes (or notes in your Journal) or take pics of those things that make you feel emotions. Ask galleries if they have any documentation for you to take or have emailed.
  4. Read books. Art history books, Art movement books, specific Artists books, and museum collections all have resources for people to take advantage of. Go do it 🙂
  5. Figure out What you like and Why.
  6. Most of all, Get Exposed! Go to Art-related events! Even musical or performance events can help inspire us to understand what Art is and does for us.

Art can be intimidating. Some people need communal affirmation to perceive value in Art. In my personal opinion, Art is meant to be a personal emotional experience that can then be shared with others. Look for help anywhere you can.



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