theStudio Artist of the Week…

Mark Bowles, Painting, California
Mark’s pieces caught our eye because of his fascination with texture, form and color, which he uses in expressing how he feels about what he is seeing. He does not limit himself to what he is painting or how he might interpret what he is seeing. His paintings give you the sense of movement through representational to minimalist to abstraction.  We love that he explores color, composition, and the quality and attitude of line, this allows the audience to come into his space and lets them become involved in their own personal journey and discovery of the work.

For more on Mark’s work visit Mark Bowles and see his work in person at Mark Sublette Modern in Tucson, AZ as well as the Tucson Museum of Art’s permanent collection. 
“Bowles’s paintings are subjective, reductively simple, and filled with blazing light and color—a harmonious balance between the landscape he knows well and his passion for abstraction and the physical act of painting.” – Scott Shields, Chief Curator, Crocker Art Museum


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