theStudio Artist of the Week…

Ted Larsen, Abstract Sculpture, Santa Fe, New Mexico

What interested us about Ted Larsen’s abstract sculptures is that he creates them from salvage materials. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with an Award of Distinction in Painting from Northern Arizona University. Although he resides and works in New Mexico he has roots in Arizona as well.

Artist Statement:

The works I create supply commentary on minimalist belief systems and the ultimate importance of High Art practice.  An artist’s work usually adheres to the construct of a cohesive direction with the work illustrating a single theme or underscoring a didactic agenda.  But such a logical order has no specific place in my studio practice.

Introducing alternative and salvage materials to my own formally driven abstract sculpture, I hope to bring purist shapes and surfaces back down to earth. I quest for new materials, “non-art materials” to create my work.  I am constructing assemblages of detritus in order to re-purpose the materials and re-identify their meanings: to re-contextualize and re-label the idea of Ready-mades.  It is my on-going experimentation with contexts, hybrids, and scale.

The works keep possession of pleasing formality and visceral elegance while making fun of modernist purity.  This is a tribute to anti-triumphalism, the spontaneous, non-hierarchical, un-monumental thematic artistic landscape which offers no specific resolution and no isolation of meaning.

For more of his work visit Ted Larsen on the web.


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