theStudio Artist of the Week…

Jaq Chartier, Painter, Seattle

Through experimentation, observation and notation Chartier creates sensuous paintings that provide commentary on both the visual culture and everyday practice of scientific investigation by highlighting similarities between artistic and scientific practice.

Each of her paintings begins as an actual “test” to explore some aspect of her materials – deeply saturated inks, stains and dyes which migrate and seep through creamy white paint films and layers of acrylic resin.

Artist Statement:

These paintings can be viewed as frozen moments in time when something occurred and was captured in the acrylic film, like a bug in amber. They’re also slow-motion performances, gradually changing as the materials continue to interact on a microscopic level. Halos of effusive color emerge where one component in a stain drifts away from it’s moorings, creating edges that hover. It’s a type of color that suggests something outside of our ordinary, everyday world. Beautiful, but also sort of bizarre – inflamed, infectious-looking, suggestive of energies that we can’t see.

For more on Jaq’s testing visit her on the web at


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