theStudio Artist of the Week…

Luke Buchanan, Mixed Media, Raleigh, NC

What we love about Luke’s work is that he uses telephone poles, railroad tracks, stairways and buildings, things of our everyday existence, to represent a intertwining of generations. He represents these spaces with different elements: photographs, paint, found objects and canvas, although sometimes using sheet metal, glass and concrete panels. He is interested in what is remembered and forgotten as these symbols occupy the spaces we create and the spaces in between that we have created unintentionally.

“The photographs are of a specific place, and were taken at a specific time. They are documentation of an instant in an every-changing world. They show a real place. The found objects are from that place. Attached to the base they break the plane of the painting and become a link between the painting and the viewer. These objects may be wire, matchsticks, washers, bolts, or anything else I find while taking the pictures. The paint is memory projected. By filling in between the photographs it transforms the space from a common area, to one experienced by an individual. The painting as a sum of all parts becomes both literal and symbolic.”

“Thousands of people walk by and through these spaces, each an individual with their own experience. In the same room where an old couple repeats words of love, once a young man passed away. These shared spaces and experiences are the focus of my work.”

For more on Luke’s work visit him on the web.



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