theStudio Artist of the Week…

Anne Berry, Photographer, Atlanta

What we love most about Berry’s photographs is her appreciation for places unspoiled by development, which is central to her vision. We also enjoy her appreciation for animals. She photographs animals to get people to truly look at them, to hear their inner sound, and to consider their value and their place in the world. We would like to share with you photographs from her Menagerie and The Inner Sound of Horses series.

The Menagerie series in her own words:

In today’s society pets are pampered and anthropomorphized, but animals are often overlooked and dismissed. My photographs are about the beauty of animals but also about their plight. The pictorial quality of these images softens the shock, but the punch is there in the eyes and expressions of the animals. I anticipate the moment that I can capture something in the essence of an animal, so that through the photograph it speaks. The animal begs the viewer to consider his place in the world; he is an ambassador for all the animals in his species.

The Inner Sound of Horses series in her own words:

Wassily Kandinsky teaches that the artist has the ability to “realize the inner sound of things.” I listen for this sound when I photograph animals. People have lost an essential connection to the land and to animals. I photograph animals to remind the viewer of this bond. Because it exists so prominently in art, myth, and history, the horse more than any other animal has the power to stir memories of this important relationship. The horses and donkeys in this series are in rural settings or roam freely as feral animals. The connection between the horse and the land is clear, and also evident is the animal/human relationship. Even if the horse is not gazing directly at the camera it is aware of the photographer. Capturing these images requires patience and understanding. I am close to the horse physically, and I have established a connection with it. I hope by looking at these images the viewer will hear the inner melody of the horse. These lyrics ask the viewer to consider the animal’s place in the world, to do as Franz Marc instructs, to “contemplate the soul of the animal to divine its way of sight.

For more on Anne Berry visit her on the web and/or follow her blog.



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