theStudio Artist of the Week…

Joanne Mattera, Painter, New York

What we love at the Studio is the combination of color and geometric order, something very evident in Joanne Mattera’s painting style.  Another element we love about Mattera is that she works in series, often installing these works in wall-size grids—color and geometry asserting themselves on a larger scale while maintaining the essential intimacy of each individual piece.

Her collection Joss is an ongoing series of gouache paintings on paper, which can be seen at the Cervini Hass Gallery in Scottsdale.

Artists Statement: While gouache is a departure from the pigmented wax I normally paint with, the imagery is of a piece with my oeuvre: brilliant color, strong geometry, and the interplay of transparent, translucent and opaque elements. Formally, as with all my work, the grid is both inspiration and manifestation. With Joss I’m interested in the ways hues interact when nearly gossamer vertical swipes of color pass over a ground of more solid horizontal bands. I have used the paint in a more transparent way than gouache is normally used because even when diluted, it has more substance than watercolor, and I wanted the complementary quality of pigment that is both transparent and substantial — surprise, the same qualities I find in wax. The drips and irregularities are deliberate, providing a break in the tension of the grid.

For more on Mattera’s work visit her on the web or read her art blog.


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