12 Finds from The Studio: Art Ideas for any project

The Studio for Business Environments is a value-added source for Commercial Art and Furniture. Need help finding the perfect artwork for your office or home? Let us help, when it comes to finding the right detail for your space, we have unlimited search capabilities. We can find or create just about anything related to art and finish details. 

Our expertise are in detail, selection and placement as well as technical skill in proper presentation and installation. Our purpose is to provide clients with a single source for art-related planning, products and processes. Our clients can rely on us to design a unique and unified grouping of artwork and accessories made to fit the architectural and interior vision of their project.

Visit us on the web to take time to browse through the categories of a selected portion of our database, which features over 150,000 posters and prints.

Based on your category choice (abstract, landscape, etc) and color scheme we will personally create a unique and unified grouping of artwork made to fit your needs. Visit our Online Art Search at theStudio.co

A sampling of our Top 12 popular category ideas for your future projects: 

1. Abstract and Natural Objects

2. Coastal and Tropical

3. Cuisine

4. Figurative

5. Floral

6. Global Influences

7. Landscapes and Gardens

8. Leisure Times

9. Museum Masters

10. Objects and Still Life

11. Photography

12. Streets and Cities


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