Monthly Archives: July 2011

American designer, Liz Boscacci’s Float Coffee Table inspired by bubbles under water floating to the surface, the objective here was to create a table with a distinctly unique base structure.  

For more on Liz’s designs visit her on the web.


Daniel Egnéus, Illustrator, Milan, Italy

Daniel sees everyday life and art as one inseparable whole. His illustrations are dreamy and vibrant. He transforms his daydreams into washy, beautiful, totally engaging paintings.

Daniel is the inventor of the style “Quotidiano-Straordinario.”  He is a member of the London-based group 4Wall – twelve contemporary artists organizing shows all over London.

For more on Daniel’s work visit him on the web.

Tina Frey, Sculptor/Designer, San Francisco

Tina Frey is a designer based in San Francisco, and is the creator of a collection of useful everyday objects and jewelry in resin. What we love about Frey’s designs is the simplicity and timelessness, especially of her designs in black. Don’t they remind you of sea glass?

Inspiration for the designs come from many things: the shapes are inspired by organic forms in nature and objects found in travels around the world. The colors are inspired by delicious translucent popsicles, candies, and jelly beans.

For more on Frey’s designs visit her on the web.

Jason Rohlf, Painter, New York

Vibrant and beautifully textured, Jason Rohlf’s new paintings are a continued exploration of surface and color. The New York based artist is known for his densely worked surfaces. His abstract, geometric paintings are very musical in their play with rhythmic patterns while his popular bird series exhibits a more serene side where collaged figures perch quietly. Elements of collage and drawing are embedded in layers of varnish, obscuring lines and shapes that whisper secrets of their past lives.


For more on Jason’s work visit the Tory Folliard Gallery on the web.