theStudio Artist of the Week…

Parvez Taj, Mixed Media Artist, Los Angeles

Parvez immediately caught our eye when we saw his reclaimed Douglas Fur slats with eco-friendly, non-solvent UV curable inks. The layered imagery, with the rough geometric bands of worn, color-drained wood overlaid with delicate washes of abstract, almost neon stain, creates a mysterious study in depth and contrast. It’s very easy to spot a Parvez Taj piece. His creations are hip, edgy and urban encompassing many cultures and emotions. The compositions are unnatural yet their harmony is perfect in every way. Parvez has dedicated his career to making beautiful art accessible. He uses water paints, photographs, software and UV cured inks to create his unique style of wall art – of which he is pioneering ultra violet ink technologies as a fine art medium.

To view more of Parvez’s latest collection “Print on reclaimed wood” visit him on the web. or on YouTube: Parvez Taj – October 2011 (by parveztaj)



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