Monthly Archives: November 2011

Matt Wedel, Ceramic Artist, Long Beach, CA

This week ceramic artist Matt Wedel’s botanical, human and animal forms caught our eye. His pieces are large and fluid with simple but powerfully saturated color. What we found most unique about Wedel’s works are the dynamic crystalline structure that his floral and fauna, humans and animals are built atop of. These structures create a very dramatic and bold statement for his pieces.

We also loved the resemblance of the California (or Arizona and Texas) Desert his blooming cactus-like organic structures and crystalline rock bases create.

For more on Wedel’s work visit him on the web.  


Heather Harvey, Installation and Sculpture Artist, Chestertown, MD

Heather Harvey creates site-specific installations and sculptural paintings that straddle traditional boundaries between painting, drawing and sculpture. She is interested in hidden infrastructures and invisible ordering mechanisms — things like gravity, quantum physics, and radio waves, but also the human body, memory, and contradictory emotions like aversion and affection. Her work is suggestive of mental and emotional landscapes and internal, private, unfolding thought processes. Harvey exploits materials’ inherent qualities to see what they are physically capable of doing and what metaphors they can carry.

For more on Harvey’s installation work visit her on the web. 

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The use of wind power is increasing worldwide. Despite their incredible production of renewable energy, windmills have often been viewed as a bit of an eyesore along an otherwise untouched landscape. With his latest project, Aero Art, German artist Horst Glasker had decided to not just acknowledge the windmill’s environmental contribution but celebrate it by painting the ho-hum white turbines fantastical colors and patterns that are impossible to ignore.

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