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At The Studio we like to be very innovative in our approach to art by designing and producing unique art packages and concepts for your walls and spaces. Our projects include commercial office spaces, hospitals, restaurants, baseball stadiums and private residences.

Ways to finding the best art for your walls and spaces.

The art you install in your space tells your customers a lot about you and your business. This is largely why we at The Studio want to help you make the first impression on your visitors by helping you choose the perfect art for your walls.

Choosing art can be stressful, therefore we would like to give some advice to help you choose the perfect pieces for your office or community areas.

If you find an art consultant who consistently finds quality pieces of work then you will feel more confident about getting the right deal every single time. When you hand over the decision making to an expert they are able to create the perfect art package to accompany any project. By looking at all the details, we at The Studio are able to find art to match any personality. We encourage you to look at our previous projects so you can see the successful, stunning, handpicked displays which really grab our clients attention. On several occasions The Studio has reached out to local artists to help customize projects. This allows our clients to get a completely unique art package for their office or residence.

Visit our website for further information on putting together the right art package for your next project. Or even better, schedule an appointment to come visit us at the studio.


The Studio Staff


Lourdes Sanchez, Painter and Textile Artist, New York

Lourdes Sanchez is a Cuban born artist and textile designer who works in hand painted watercolor media. What we love about her designs is that her imagery is often based on the natural world, industrial debris, the longing and optimism of vintage prints, ancient tribal patterning and random stains and markings.

For more of Sanchez’s work visit her on the web. 

Jennifer Chenoweth, Painter, Austin, Texas

This week we are loving the paintings of Jennifer Chenoweth. What we were drawn to was the layering together of digital images layered on top of oil paintings, depicting a combination of different floor plans and elevations of Roman architecture. Jennifer finds inspiration from Roman architecture, Ancient Greek philosophy, contemporary American literature, Robert Irwin, Cy Twombly and Vija Celmins.

Artist Statement: My process depends on persistence, perception and discovery. I plan, write about, and execute each piece carefully. I strive to articulate how the meaning should take form in every detail, from the particular pigments to the action of the composition, to the order of the layers and the variety of methods I employ.

My paintings include elements of cartooning and prettiness, as well as areas of control that come from my deep interest in the history of painting, for example, layers of complex glazes next to an illustrated form, indirect painting and brushy gestures. Shapes are rendered, branded, stamped, and rigorously reproduced from projections but made to look like random marks. Taped edges are combined with planned drips, spray paint, and outlines. Paintings are on wood panel, metal cutouts and dimensional forms.

For more on Jennifer’s work visit her on the web. 

Sean Flood, Painter, Boston

Artist Statement:

Painting for me, is ones ability to capture the essence of a subject’s energy through the application of media. When I view a painting I scrutinize the marks and line quality that acquiesce to form a finished piece. I specifically enjoy designing the structure of my paintings and I feel that my work reflects this. I feel that the most intriguing aspect of painting is the ability of a single line to possess an extraordinarily large amount of expressive qualities.

I appreciate active paintings and thus incorporate a high level of energy in my work; due to this fact my painting process is done at a fast pace. I believe that in my ability to paint quickly I can efficiently express the energetic look that I so desire and respect. The method in which I paint differs from subject to subject. I enjoy seeing variety in how paintings are executed. My work is representational with abstract qualities. I paint from both life and from photography; however painting from life is my passion. Live painting is liberating and I find that more variation tends to occur.

For more on Sean’s works visit him on the web.