theStudio Artist of the Week…

Jennifer Chenoweth, Painter, Austin, Texas

This week we are loving the paintings of Jennifer Chenoweth. What we were drawn to was the layering together of digital images layered on top of oil paintings, depicting a combination of different floor plans and elevations of Roman architecture. Jennifer finds inspiration from Roman architecture, Ancient Greek philosophy, contemporary American literature, Robert Irwin, Cy Twombly and Vija Celmins.

Artist Statement: My process depends on persistence, perception and discovery. I plan, write about, and execute each piece carefully. I strive to articulate how the meaning should take form in every detail, from the particular pigments to the action of the composition, to the order of the layers and the variety of methods I employ.

My paintings include elements of cartooning and prettiness, as well as areas of control that come from my deep interest in the history of painting, for example, layers of complex glazes next to an illustrated form, indirect painting and brushy gestures. Shapes are rendered, branded, stamped, and rigorously reproduced from projections but made to look like random marks. Taped edges are combined with planned drips, spray paint, and outlines. Paintings are on wood panel, metal cutouts and dimensional forms.

For more on Jennifer’s work visit her on the web. 


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