theStudio Artist of the Week…

Steven Main, Glass Artist, Loveland, CO

Steven Main’s work in glass reflects his interest in the patterns found in nature. He begins each piece by laying out hand-pulled cane (small glass rods) in a mosaic-like pattern. These are placed onto a sheet of steel, which is heated so that the cane design can be brought closer to the temperature of the glass on the blowpipe. Main then rolls the blowpipe across the hot steel, picking up the design onto a core of colored glass. After several layers of clear glass are gathered from the furnace, he blows out and forms the piece into its final shape.

Artist Statement: My first contact with glassblowing was at Kent State University in the mid-seventies. I have always been interested in texture and pattern, and had been exploring batik and fabric-dyeing techniques. I took my first glassblowing class on a whim, as an elective, and was instantly hooked. I’ve been blowing glass ever since.  My fascination with the intricate patterns of the natural world and my love of color are reflected in my work. I work in a series format that allows my ideas to evolve slowly as I explore the way glass of different colors interacts. Although a specific reference to nature is often intended, I enjoy the fact that people form their own interpretations. What is important is to capture the viewer’s imagination.

For more on Steven’s work visit him on the web at Main Glass Studio or in person at Le KAE Gallery in Scottsdale.


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