theStudio Artist of the Week…

AM Stockhill, Mixed Media artist, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

AM Stockhill is a contemporary mixed-media painter using elements of acrylic painting, oils and collage in her works, along with a strong use of color theory and textures. “Many of my paintings require twenty to thirty individual glazes of pigment in order to obtain the luminosity and emotional impact that I seek. Applying so many thin layers of paint allows the painting to glow from within and creates a sense of depth that draws the eye….”

Mixed-media work extends into the abstract and non-representational worlds, building upon early samples into series, such as her Earth series and Horse series. Where her Earth series responds both to the peace and the fury of nature, her Horse series presents the essence of the horse’s strength,beauty, passion and power. The mixed media work extends into the abstract world as well.

One innovative technique is the integration of very old books into her paintings. Once her canvas is stretched and sealed, the next step is to apply the pages, using acrylic medium to bind the pages to the canvas. She tries to find books that are at least eighty to one-hundred years old, preferring books that have a Western theme to complement the horses and other animals that she paints. Examples of books used are “The Virginian” by Owen Wister, and Western novels by Zane Grey. The books selected are ones that have lost their intrinsic value due to missing pages or damaged bindings. This way, the artist feels as if she is rescuing these pieces of history to incorporate into her paintings. Illustration is another passion. Illustrations are in a classic style to complement her collection of original children’s stories.

AM is represented by galleries throughout southwest and the west. To see more visit her on the web. 


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