Vintage Art Inspiration

When you’re looking for creative solutions for wall art, think outside the frame and use beautiful and unique secondhand treasures. The Studio can help with framing old photographs or sewing projects and installation of vintage signs, mirrors, and clocks. Below is a list of our favorite vintage inspired wall art inspirations that will add personality to any interior.


Vintage Signs and Labels

Like old plywood and metal signs from old manufacturing companies can add an interesting conversation starter to any room. Our favorite element to old vintage signs, the peeling paint and color palettes. These can give any interior a trendy vintage feel. The vibrant colors of vintage fruit and vegetable crate labels make a bold statement when they are grouped together to make a wall art display. Our suggestion is to not take away from the bold color palettes of the graphic labels and framing them in white, this can create a retro feel to any kitchen or room. Mismatched sign letters found at architectural salvage stores and flea markets make stunning displays when grouped together, as well.

Family Photographs

There is nothing more vintage than treasured family photographs in sepia or black and white. Making a display in a variety of image sizes inside weathered or antiqued frames helps give the photographs an older feel as well.

Bird Prints and rustic artwork

Classic bird prints add a trendy vintage appeal to any room. By letting us help you choose mats that will accent the color hues in the prints, these illustrations will make for a very colorful display. Add interest to any room with rustic or vintage artwork from a flea market or garage sale.

Architectural Appeal

This is our favorite. Repurposing old windows, mirrors and doors as wall art can make for a very interesting piece. Peeling paint and distressed mirrors add to the vintage charm. This goes for salvaged shutters as well. These items add a sense of history to any space.

Copper Cookware and Enamelware

It is easy to create a simple wall display by grouping vintage copper pieces or old enamelware together on the wall. Mix the sizes and shapes of pieces.

Vintage Shadowboxes

This is a playful way to display heirlooms on your walls. Framing old clothing, medals, patches and letters will add just the right touch to your decor while preserving it. Turn vintage cross-stitched samplers sewn by your grandmother or mother into a unique display, too.




A vintage map makes the perfect conversation starter. Our suggestion is to mount it on a blank wall in a sitting area (kitchen, dining room, library) for colorful wall art.


Mismatched plates are easy to find at flea markets and garage sales. Gather a collection of dishes in different sizes, themes, and colors, and group them on the wall for an interesting display.


Need help getting your vintage flair inspiration…let us help! Contact us at The Studio.


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