Monthly Archives: March 2012

We could get lost skimming through this blog full of amazing drawings of architecture. Check out the variety of images here.


Edward McGowan, a mild-mannered illustrator by day and super side project alter ego Parko Polo by night, is an Edinburgh based illustrator with a keen eye for bright colors and rough textures. What caught our eye was McGowan’s colorful and imaginative work, it is just fun to look at. He has a very distinct vintage-inspired style. It is clear he has a particular interest in 60s style advertising, whose influence can be seen in his lines and color palette.

Misato Suzuki, Painter, Los Angeles

Misato was born in Aomori, Japan but is currently residing and working in Los Angeles, California. As an artist and designer her work has been featured in galleries worldwide. Including solo and group exhibitions in the USA, Europe, Australia, Canada and Japan.

We were excited to learn that she often paints with coffee! She has charming illustrations and her large scale paintings blow our minds.

For more on Misato Suzuki visit her on the web.

Liz Brizzi, Painter, Los Angeles

A native of France, born of Italian parents, Liz grew up in Los Angeles. Inspired by urban themes, she loves to portray the beauty she captures in the raw, desolate and industrial aspects of cities and their outskirts. Her unique mixed media technique begins with the manipulation of her original photography collaged onto acrylic painted wood panels, finally blended within layers of colorful acrylic washes. She began this series of works with landscape paintings of the streets and alleys of Downtown L.A. A city that is currently changing and developing rapidly, her artwork captured its authenticity and some of the disappearing traces of its History. Her more current work is less lifelike, as she utilizes various architectural details found in her photos to create more complex graphics, structures and imaginary landscapes, while using shapes reminiscent of street art found in the very same cities she photographs.

For more on Liz’s work visit her on the web.

Michelle Morin, Watercolor artist, Salem, MA

It’s so nice to see watercolor used to the best of its potential and it is clear that Michelle Morin has mastered the technique. We also love that Morin’s paintings hold a deep engagement with the natural world, a combination of plants and animals and that she is willing to use complex patterns to create wonderful textures.

Recently reading a Q&A with the artist herself, she was asked about her creative process – the choices she makes, ways of seeing, modes of making and how does she show up as an artist each day. We found this last question so intriguing because this is what all artists should be asking themselves. In response to the questions, Morin answered:

“I make sure that the space I’m working in is filled with inspiration. I have some of my favorite plants, books, drawings and photos close so when I get stuck I can just look around and be recharged.

I usually start the day by sketching a few ideas in a notebook.

I’m very inspired by color pallets. If I have a few particular colors in mind that I want to work with I’ll start to map out my idea with splotches of color. This then gives me more information to draw from. At that point I can start to place the plants and animals.”


For more of Morin’s work visit her blog and visit her Etsy site, unitedthread here.