theStudio Artist of the Week…

Jill Vasileff, Mixed-media artist, Stockton, CA

Jill Vasileff’s insallation titled Pink Hum is deeply satisfying in its complex simplicity. Using tree branches found around her neighborhood and acrylic paint, Jill creates unique constellations we get lost in. Pink Hum is part of Jill’s She lives with peace that comes from the proper application of anesthesia series. View more of Jill’s work by clicking here.

Artist Statement:

I utilize various media practices & I am always looking for material based objects that define and perpetuate an image, invites a painted surface, and uses a level of visual information that comes from something else. By bringing in an element that I did not make from my interaction with the world, I am challenged to create a poetic exchange that marries sculpture with paint and sometimes, plastic with nature. My color sensibility is informed by my preoccupation with paint and I often layer color to build depth and luminosity or utilize the local color of an object or material so that it has the presence of paint. Every work must have intimate mark-making, vibrate dimensionally and depict something ephemeral as if trying to touch the air. I am interested in the by product of the work not being physical in the same way that the essence (or remnants) of our most profound exchanges are not physical.

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  1. All the options with this artist’s work are mind boggling…

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