Blog Crush: The Jealous Curator

Great inspiration from one of our favorite blogs on the web: The Jealous Curator. The blog is a great collection of artwork from various artists with a wide variety of talent. This post is amazing advice on hanging artwork and picking what is right for the space.


posted via the jealous curator

hi there – it’s wednesday, so it must be time to hang some art!

ahh – i would love to start my day sitting at that table. now, you can see that there’s already some lovely stuff hanging in the space, and sitting on the shelves, but i’m going to pretend that i just moved in {thanks to photoshop!}:

yep. i kept their table and chairs – they’re so fabulously eclectic, i had to have them! but let’s pretend that the previous owners took their hanging piece from the wall. i’d fill the space with these:

oh, ben skinner, you and your witty, beautifully executed inlaid wood pieces could hang in my nook any day {they work quite nicely with my newly acquired chairs, yes?}. but what to put on those three lovely little built in shelves?

sigh. the first time i saw these gorgeous, organic, kinda bizarre, ceramics by la based artistelsa mora, i just knew that i needed an entire collection of them – these shelves would be a perfect home! {ps. are those feet salt & pepper shakers? oh please let them be salt & pepper shakers – my breakfast nook would be forever grateful!} ok, back to the task at hand. as sweet as the simple little light in the original space was, i thought it would compliment the bohemian looking furniture to hang an elegant piece of art, that also happens to be a lamp:

a stunning chandelier by lighting designer/artist stuart haygarth, titled “magoo” – because it’s made up of thick, perfectly round lenses from hundreds of mr.magoo glasses! gorgeous, and hilarious. ah, so much to love in the nook!


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