theStudio Artist of the Week…

Michelle Morin, Watercolor artist, Salem, MA

It’s so nice to see watercolor used to the best of its potential and it is clear that Michelle Morin has mastered the technique. We also love that Morin’s paintings hold a deep engagement with the natural world, a combination of plants and animals and that she is willing to use complex patterns to create wonderful textures.

Recently reading a Q&A with the artist herself, she was asked about her creative process – the choices she makes, ways of seeing, modes of making and how does she show up as an artist each day. We found this last question so intriguing because this is what all artists should be asking themselves. In response to the questions, Morin answered:

“I make sure that the space I’m working in is filled with inspiration. I have some of my favorite plants, books, drawings and photos close so when I get stuck I can just look around and be recharged.

I usually start the day by sketching a few ideas in a notebook.

I’m very inspired by color pallets. If I have a few particular colors in mind that I want to work with I’ll start to map out my idea with splotches of color. This then gives me more information to draw from. At that point I can start to place the plants and animals.”


For more of Morin’s work visit her blog and visit her Etsy site, unitedthread here.


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