Design Crush: INDIA Stacking Vessels

INDIA Stacking Vessels by Pia Design.

The stacking vessels are made by Pia Wüstenberg. They are actually three vessels made from three distinct materials: wood, ceramic and glass.  Colored glass actually make for great planters and objects to deck up a window sill.

Pia’s Manifesto: I believe a curious and observing mind is the main medium in a designer’s toolbox. My aim is to design objects to contain stories I perceive as relevant today: juxtapositions of materials, surfaces, textures, symbols and colors can unfold to tell new stories through objects, just as letters and words make up the stories in a book.


My current research is concerned with urbanization as a critical step in cultural evolution. The constant multitude of object experiences and encounters is at its peak in urban environments. Our needs and desires are changing with an accelerating pace: in parallel the sensitivity and awareness for these complex, subtle changes in individuals and across cultures has to grow in the design field.

For more of Pia Design’s Stacking Vessels go here!


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