theStudio Artist of the Week…

Andrea Pramuk, Painter, Austin, Texas

After reading an interview with Andrea at, we fell in love with her work. It’s delicate, inspired by personally pivotal events, is translucent, fluid, and in some instances seems to emit light. Her paintings are inspired by experiences she has encountered in her life; her father’s stroke, a close friend passing away, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the tsunami and hurricane Katrina, all causing human and natural suffering beyond comprehension. She began exploring the passage of time from this world to the next and what that experience might look and feel like, which is evident in her work.

Andrea developed her artistic process out of the need to create art, but within the constraints of having very little time. She starts with many layers of watercolor, using puddles of water that she drops pigment into and swirls around. She leaves all the splashy accidents that can happen. Each layer has to dry overnight allowing the water, gravity and the un-level nature of her studio to work their own magic in the painting.

Then, she adds a variety of layers using other materials and to finish, she rubs on cold wax medium and then buffs it out with a soft cloth to enhance the veins, dips and valleys in the paint film and to unify the surface.

For more on Andrea’s work visit her on the web.


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