theStudio Artist of the Week…

Max Colby, Mixed-media artist, Boston

Max Colby is a self-taught tailor and fibers artist with a formal background in printmaking and papermaking. By utilizing extravagant embellishments and applications in conjunction with fragile and dwindling figures both ephemeral (print) and physical (sculptural), the stress of Max’s work is placed on external manifestations of identity construction as a highly performative act. We enjoy how each embroidery takes on a life of its own, creating a very imaginative state of fantastic characters.

Artist Statement: “The inspiration for the figurative aspect of the work is mostly from cellular forms, where the ability to distinguish between the form as pre-life (or birth) and after death is obscured.  I find inspiration for the embroidery from old victorian patterns in embroidery and wallpaper, interior design from the traditional to cutting edge contemporary as well as a full range of periods of garment construction (ornate victorian to current couture and “concept” lines).  Most of all, I find inspiration in the people I see around me towards creating hybrid forms from many time periods, cultures, genders and races creating something new that stresses breaking down stereotypes, binary terms and social paradoxes.”


For more on Max Colby’s work visit him on the web.


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