theStudio Artist of the Week…


Paul Davies, Multi-media Artist, Sydney, Australia

This week we came across Sydney artist, Paul Davies whose paintings focus on the relationship between the built and the non-built environment. We found ourselves wanting to be in the environment which contains colorful houses, pools, and huge trees.

Paul’s work primarily involves photography, stenciling, and acrylic painting and depict Sydney street scenes mixed with researched popular culture images. The layering process of this technique created on the canvas a visual diary of his immediate surroundings. He incorporated a number of the images of Japanese woodblock prints such as The Great Wave off Kanagawa, Katsushika Hokusai, 1803-33. Hokusai’s printed image, which is very popular in Australian culture and was appropriated as a brand logo by the surf company Quicksilver, appealed to him as a stencil artist because of its graphic quality and instantly recognizable subject matter. Paul also researched both the urban landscape and woodblock prints further, and discovered the “organic” buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright and his interest in Japanese architecture. His interests are clear in the use of straight lines and bold form of design, juxtaposed with the rugged landscape.

For more on Paul’s work visit him on the web.


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