Monthly Archives: September 2012


Matthew Cusick, Collage artist, Dallas, Texas

We can’t get enough of these Map works by Matthew Cusick, where he uses recycled maps and other materials to create sublime collages of landscapes which include oceans, rainforest and deserts.


Inspired by topography, the artist states that he likes to “catalog, archive, and arrange information and then dismantle, manipulate, and reconfigure it.”

For more on Cusick’s work visit him on the web. 



Jen Stark, Contemporary Sculpture Artist, Miami

The majority of Jen’s work involves creating paper sculptures. Her creations are three-dimensional pieces which take paper to a whole new level of sculpture. We fell in love with the way her artwork mimics a kaleidoscopic and brings to mind fractals, rainbows, geodes and topographic maps. Her work is highly geometric, and is based on replication and infinity, echoing patterns and intelligent designs found in nature as well as mathematical concepts that create an infinite-like quality to her artwork and her works are always formed in vibrant colors.

For more on Jen’s work visit her on the web.


Erica Steiner, Painter, San Francisco, CA

Artist Statement: My paintings explore the idea that the basic human drive to ornament the material world is fundamentally innate, irresistible, and at its core, motivated by deeper impulses to understand the meaning of life and to experience a universal, elemental or essential reality.  I use painting as a vehicle to engage with the act of ornamentation as a disciplined and sustained practice, and as a means of dialoging with fine art, folk art and craft traditions that for centuries have sought to interpret nature through a lens of careful and ornate pattern work, ultimately echoing the cellular patterns that constitute all matter.  Incorporating elements of landscape, textile design and abstraction, my paintings employ a highly detailed visual language drawn from a wide and continually evolving range of influences, including traditional Indian and Aboriginal painting, psychedelic art, graphic design, Japanese landscape painting, medieval Catholic illuminated manuscripts,  mid-century modernism and Victorian imagery.  The work is rendered in oil and gold leaf on canvas, in series of twenty to thirty paintings, painted in many layers, over time.

For more on Erica’s work visit her on the web.


Christine Soccio, Painter, New York

Artist Statement:  As an artist, I am constantly trying to escape my comfort zone. Where there is abundant color, I make it a point to utilize a minimal pallet. When I overuse traditional tools, I strive for a fresh, new approach. Where I am methodical, I force myself to embrace  the randomness in life. Because of this, I grown and forever explore the multitude of creative options before me.

In this body of work, I set out to experiment with various re-purposed resources while strengthening my connection to nature, the unseen world and the creative forces abundant in the universe and channel those energies into my work

By using non-traditional materials, it has allowed me to focus my energy in unexpected ways. The result is organic textures mixed with an intense yet calming energy that allows the viewer a sense of peace and contentment.

For more on Christine’s work visit her on the web.


We are crushing on UK artist Jonathan Fuller’s sea glass sculptures. His works are beautifully gradated sea glass, embedded into cut wood panels.

His wall sculptures are assembled from salvaged pieces of sea glass, which are then carefully constructed into deceptively simple shapes. His color graduations are subtle and beautiful; whilst the clever placement of these small frosted shards convey a sense of movement that mirrors the sea. The resultant artworks possess a quality that is strong, pure and elemental.

For more on Fuller’s work visit him on the web.


Mia Tarducci Henry, Painter, Pittsburg, PA

Mia Henry’s work has been selected by curators from the MoMA, Guggenheim, and Andy Warhol Museums for exhibitions in both museum and gallery settings, and is in private collections from New York to LA.

We love how her oil paintings reference the natural world. Her color palette is bright and cheerful and the dynamic essence of her canvases create a sense of energy.

“I like for the work to speak to viewers in their language and not mine. I think that art is like that and the relationship from artist to viewer is a dialogue.”


For more on Mia’s work visit her on the web.