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Jean Pierre Derian, Abstract Painter, London

Derian’s abstract paintings definitely caught our attention this week. His works are colorful and are simply extraordinary. They are so rich in texture that it dominates his use of artistic effects. His paintings show a profound aestheticism and a solid technique, similar to artist Gerhard Richter.

For more on Derian’s work visit him on the web.


Happy Thanksgiving Studio followers and fans! We are thankful for you all! Gobble on!

Happy Thanksgiving Studio followers and fans! We are thankful for you all! Gobble on!


Susanna Bauer, Sculptural Artist, Cornwall

The embroidery and crocheted leaves, rocks, and sticks by Susanna Bauer have completely caught our eye this week. Her talent is simple and delicate.

Bauer is driven by a great love of making and working with her hands and over the years she has acquired a broad knowledge of materials and techniques. Most of her pieces are small sculptural objects often based on found natural materials. Appropriating traditional craft techniques like weaving and crochet as a means of sculpture brings a contemplative element to the development of her work. She is interested in unusual combinations of materials, the experimentation with fragility and strength and the individual stories that evolve and shape themselves in the process of making.

Lucky for us we get to experience her work. For more of her sculptural objects visit her on the web.


Thames and Hudson do it again.

Industrial-style furniture is in fashion—bistro tables and chairs, lockers, mail sorting racks, and jointed lamps are all common elements in today’s interior design. In the book Industrial Chic, Brigitte Durieux, one of the most well-known experts on the style, tells us the story behind 50 European and American objects that have made the surprising transition from factories to our living rooms and become cult furniture.

The remarkable histories of these 50 significant objects—including the Gras lamp, the Singer stool, the Holophane reflector, the Brillié clock, and more—accompany brilliant photographs by Laziz Hamani. Featuring more than 250 images, Industrial Chic is a beautifully illustrated showcase that reveals the incredible reach, versatility, and long-lasting appeal of industrial design.


Kim Buchheit, Graphic and Surface Pattern Designer, Arizona

Kim Buchheit is a graphic and surface pattern designer who works with clients to develop unique creative solutions and inspired designs. Her portfolio includes a signature, hand-drawn, hand-carved linocut series which combines traditional rendering with digital coloring and production methods.

“I love seeing the artist’s hand in the work and that’s one of my goals with this collection. The hand-inked and hand-printed illustration allows for beautiful and surprising tonal variations in the line art which complement the predominantly organic subject matter.” 

After obtaining a BA in art, Kim worked as a designer and art director for several publishing companies and high-profile non-profit organizations throughout Arizona, including the Scottsdale Center for the Arts and theGrand Canyon Association. As a twenty-year resident of Grand Canyon National Park, Kim’s artistic approach draws heavily upon her deep connection to the natural world.

For more on Kim’s work visit her on the web and follow her blogs Wildly Woollyand Repeats So Sweet.