Monthly Archives: January 2013

Emily Barletta, Fiber artist, New York


This week we love Emily Barletta’s textile work. Her repetitive gestures, marks, and shape building techniques accumulate and combine in mass to create larger works.  Her recent work is a study into stitched drawing techniques, blurring the seam between drawing and fabric design. Emily makes her marks using a needle. Her embroidered shapes play on repetition. Each object she makes is to be viewed as a physical container instilled with the memories and experiences that occurred while it was being made. Through her art she builds imaginary machines that organically grow to reference pattern making, weaving, flesh, blood, cells, plants, topography, molds, and diseases.



For more on Emily’s work visit her on the web.



Nancy Ramirez, Abstract Painter, Toronto

Artist Statement: Creating art, whether through traditional mediums or digitally, has given me an outlet that I’m so grateful for and look forward to on a daily basis. I love finding inspiration in both nature and my everyday surroundings and often get completely lost browsing through fashion mags, interior design books and blogs, all this plays into the decorative vibe of my art.

My work combines pretty fragments of colorful abstract paintings or elements of existing photographs which I rework digitally to create something new. There’s always a happy element of surprise that I can experience when combining organic, hand painted work with the more rigid conforms of digital art.

For more on Nancy’s colorful art visit her on the web.


Albin Christen, Graphic Designer, Lausanne, Switzerland

Albin was born in the French speaking part of Switzerland. He studied graphic design and started to freelance as a graphic designer and illustrator right away after receiving his diploma. Albin works on communication projects (mostly in the cultural field) and also on his own artistic projects.

His work is inspired by popular art, going from the Swiss Alps to Africa and by artists such as Le Douanier Rousseau, Paul Klee, Chagalle, Gauguin, Kandinsky or Hodler. Flowers, ruins, masks, dancers, birds, and castles are topics that he has been working on lately.

For more on Albin’s work visit him on the web.