Monthly Archives: March 2013

From all of us at The Studio, have an Egg-cellent day!



Spiros Halaris, illustrator and Art Director, London

Spiros is a young multi-disciplinary Illustrator and Art Director. Here at the Studio we love typography so it is only fitting that we love Spiros’ use of typography in his illustrations. His work uses bold hand drawn lines and graphic shapes, and vibrant colors to produce powerful images. This week we fell in love with his series of illustrations that portray Aesop Products. “As an admirer of Aesop products, their aesthetic and meticulous attention to design detail, I created a series of illustrations featuring their iconic packaging. Every illustration includes all of the details and typography featured on the product.”

Spiros has served as collaborator and member to various advertising agencies, fashion houses and publications worldwide. The sophisticated yet sensitive way he uses his materials, playing between light and shade, color or black and white capture the pulse and style of a subject.

For more on Spiros work visit him on the web.


Haley Ann Robinson, Artist, Los Angeles

This week our eye was distracted by these fabulous painted wood objects. Haley Ann is a graphic designer & illustrator and artist located in the hills of Echo Park in Los Angeles, CA.

She spends time between Portland and Los Angeles, gathering inspiration from the lush forests of Oregon while engulfing herself in the hustle and bustle of LA’s diversity. Haley is heavily influenced by color, nature, geometry, and the possibilities of 3-dimensional shape.

For more on Haley Ann’s work visit her on the web. 


Suzanne Hauerstein, Encaustic Painter, Sterling, MA

We are enjoying the work of Suzanne Hauerstein. Her original encaustic paintings of insects and flowers paired with deconstructed old etchings are one-of-a-kind compositions.  We love finding artists that use unique techniques in art. Encaustic is a technique in which melted pigmented bees wax is used as paint.

Artist Statement: I have always been fascinated by the fluctuating beauty, textures and colors found in nature. Botanical, insect and avian subject matter have held my imagination since childhood. I like to capture moments or bits of visual stories I see in the natural world. I think of each piece as an image of a fleeting moment that may contain tension, movement or humor.

I deconstruct multiple lithographic images and recombine them to form original compositions which I print onto an encaustic or bees wax surface. Many of the finished pieces are reminiscent of childhood recollections, walks I’ve taken, or something seen through a window pane. The hazy, smooth plane of the wax juxtaposed with the dark, saturated graphic image lends itself to the telling of visual memories, some of which may not be quite clear in all of their details.

For more on Suzanne’s paintings visit her on the web.