The Studio: Art Consultants


Today the incorporation of art in new spaces is booming because art consultants are becoming more popular in corporate markets. They are working among the general public, developing projects that incorporate art in public spaces. Studies suggest that “the arts” play a significant role in creating a more pleasant and productive workplace environment, increasing brand awareness and equity, and help with the healing process for healthcare professionals and patients. As art consultants, all of us at The Studio aid in the improvement of architectural infrastructures, creating engaging environments and promoting emerging and established artists to our clients. We enjoy working with our clients, whether large corporations or small businesses in a collaborative manner to find fresh and unique artwork that truly expresses their culture and personality. We work with architects, building owners, managers, or interior designers to develop solutions that make each environment more meaningful.

As a multi-faceted, full service art consulting firm, with over ten years experience, our process is simple. Working within an agreed upon budget, art is researched, selected, purchased and installed. Our experience enables us to offer aesthetic solutions based on a solid foundation, filled with a passion for and knowledge of art. For example, art can be an integral component of healthcare. We pay attention to color, space and design to achieve an environment that is warm and comforting to patients and staff. Our sensitivities and expertise demonstrate the valuable role art can play in enhancing the healing process and putting patients at ease. After all, art IS the best medicine! 

SERVICES provided by The Studio

-Consultation and design from planning stages of construction through completion

-Custom framing – offering unique and creative design work and archival handling

-Art works in all media for all budgets. We have a database containing thousands of art options for any project.

-Commissioned work for site-specific projects

-On-site presentations, delivery and installation

-Signage design and display systems

Let us know how we can help you on your next project.


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