Art Within Reach: Hanging Art



Inspired by the many corporate art projects we have completed, we decided to offer some advice when looking to hang art. **Let us help you, visit The Studio website for more information.

Three ways to have The Studio hang your art…

1. Classical Symmetry

Choosing Art: Look for pieces with strong horizontals or verticals that would reinforce the clean lines of furniture, echoing one or two aspects of the decor in the art can help tie a room together.

Hanging strategy: Our installers mark the layout on the wall with blue painters tape, which doesn’t damage paint finishes. Typically we leave 3 inches between each piece to reveal the wall behind and better “frame” the frames.

Framing: We are huge fans of the graphic power of white and black. Then the addition of crisp white mattes can allow the art to stand out.


2. Salon-style

Choosing Art: Find several pieces that work together.  Some prints can be smaller and balance out a larger piece, while having a smaller piece that works to bridge between the sizes. These prints can be of different genres as well (landscapes, abstracts, photography, etc).

Hanging strategy: Practice groupings on the floor until you find a grouping that best balances size and intensity. We like the unpredictability that is created by placing pictures in groups.

Framing: When working with a salon-style inspiration, having mismatched frames will best identify with that goal. Using silver and gold frames can allow for bold shapes to stand out, fabric mattes and gilded frames compliment landscapes to create an old masters feel. To make prints feel more painterly you can have them printed to canvas or leave them unframed.


3. A Minimal Duo

Choosing Art: Use images by the same artist, this can reflect the same colors, styles, or actual silhouettes.

Hanging strategy: A simple, clean layout can speak to any artwork and its environment, as well as allowing the prints to read as one piece.

Framing: Pick a frame that fits into the environment in which you are placing the artwork. This can be a standard black, white or wood tone. Encasing images in neutral or off-white matting can lend warmth and texture to any print.


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