theStudio is an art-sourcing firm with an army of creative resources.

Art and Architecture are the most dynamic ways to visually draw people into any space. Not every interior can boast of amazing architecture, but they can all have outstanding details. The perfect artwork and accessories can concisely illustrate what could take volumes of words to explain.

theStudio serves as your art-sourcing specialist to provide designers, architects and facilities managers with a single resource for art-related products and services. Our expertise is in detail (art, accessories, furniture, etc) selection and placements as well as technical skill in proper presentation and installation. We have relationships with many local artists and have access to a vast network of resources. We specialize in offering customized art-related services for a growing range of markets including interior design, architecture, corporate real estate brokers, property management, building/development, hospitality, restaurant, banking, medical, and residential. Our clients can rely on us to design a unique and unified grouping of artwork and accessories made to fit the architectural and interior vision of the project. Our scope of service includes fine art prints, original art, commissioned art, sculpture, commercial furniture, mirrors, photography and graphic design. We do on-site visits at no cost to the business customer. We are a one-stop art-concierge that includes delivery and installation.

The Art of Giving
theStudio is involved in several charity organizations, which include the Children’s Action Alliance, Family Advocacy “CHAIRity”, Youth Evaluation and Treatment Centers, and JFCS Arizona. We are dedicated to helping the community in enhancing educational opportunities related to art and design.

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