Artist of the Week


Dusty Parsons, Abstract Artist, Phoenix


“Where there is no artfulness about life, there is a weakening of soul.”  –  Thomas Moore

Artist Statement:  I believe we must work together to navigate the landscape of our lives.  The courage our soul desires often comes through splashes of color, tints, and hues.  We seek encouragement from our surroundings; our community – we long for visual cues – hints, if you will, to unlock the mystery of our own journey.  Remembering forward.

We look for our true selves and take comfort where we can, maybe even in an abstract print or wistful landscape that we somehow relate to.  My visual works look to capture a place on a spectrum between ephemeral and eternal;  organic and synthetic; between artificial and natural; between intentional and random.

Ask yourself, is it real?

Images of distressed surfaces like slabs of concrete, wood, stone, steel, yet when printed on canvas become wispy, airy, and light.  Worn edifices that are renewed when neatly lifted and exquisitely  presented.  The stories they tell – can the soul even bear it?  Some are soothed – some are enflamed.  Having traversed many dry, thankless environments, my hope is to share images that inspire and encourage the working class who will most interact with them like worn memories revisited and renewed.  The stories they tell – the wind calling your name again – Visual hints like signposts of encouragement on a hopeful journey marked by infinite melancholy.  

“What is essential is invisible to the eye.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Dusty Parsons lives in and works in Central Phoenix with his wife and two girls and lives to encourage thirsty souls who seek to go further.

For more on Dusty’s work visit The Studio Gallery in Phoenix or



Ian Davenport, Painter, London

A large part of why we love Ian Davenport’s work is because of his process. Many of Davenport’s abstract works are made by pouring paint onto prepared canvases, boards and aluminum panels, tilted so that gravity spreads the paint over the surface and determines the final composition.

For more on Ian’s work visit the Paul Kasmin Gallery on the web.

Watch Ian’s process here


Ieva Baklane, Painter, Canada


With our love of architecture and interests in form and color, it is only fitting that we are loving the urban, abstract landscapes of Ieva Baklane.



Artist statement: “I work in an abstract and realism style. The Abstract comes from the fact that I always wanted to be an architect, but never pursued this dream and it reflects the structured side of me. The Realism is equally natural for me-I received a very classical art education from the early age of twelve at Art School in Riga and later at the Latvian Academy of Art in Riga. Coming from the country where summers are short and often rainy I was always inspired by bright sunlight of southern countries-Italy, Spain, Mexico and states like California and Florida. I try to capture that bright light in my paintings. I have always been fascinated by surf and skateboard culture.”




For more on Baklane’s paintings visit her on the web.


Francisca Prieto, Graphic Designer and Artist, London

What a wonderful mashup of subject matter and technique that we found in London based artist Francisca Prieto. Her paper-folding series, Between the Folds, is just beautiful. With a fascination with typography, she deconstructs type to create her own three-dimensional interpretations of the things that interest her such as books, clock, maps, etc. Originally trained as a graphic designer Francisca takes a mathematical approach, which can be seen through the grids and systems applied to each piece she creates.

Her latest and ongoing series Between Folds, brings together many of her passions and explores the deconstruction of rare illustrated periodicals and books using modular structures and typographical elements. A hidden narrative emerges in each work through the connections that Francisca makes both in terms of the structures she uses, and the conceptual connections of the images and text selected.

For more on Prieto’s paper-folding series visit her on the web.


Spiros Halaris, illustrator and Art Director, London

Spiros is a young multi-disciplinary Illustrator and Art Director. Here at the Studio we love typography so it is only fitting that we love Spiros’ use of typography in his illustrations. His work uses bold hand drawn lines and graphic shapes, and vibrant colors to produce powerful images. This week we fell in love with his series of illustrations that portray Aesop Products. “As an admirer of Aesop products, their aesthetic and meticulous attention to design detail, I created a series of illustrations featuring their iconic packaging. Every illustration includes all of the details and typography featured on the product.”

Spiros has served as collaborator and member to various advertising agencies, fashion houses and publications worldwide. The sophisticated yet sensitive way he uses his materials, playing between light and shade, color or black and white capture the pulse and style of a subject.

For more on Spiros work visit him on the web.


Haley Ann Robinson, Artist, Los Angeles

This week our eye was distracted by these fabulous painted wood objects. Haley Ann is a graphic designer & illustrator and artist located in the hills of Echo Park in Los Angeles, CA.

She spends time between Portland and Los Angeles, gathering inspiration from the lush forests of Oregon while engulfing herself in the hustle and bustle of LA’s diversity. Haley is heavily influenced by color, nature, geometry, and the possibilities of 3-dimensional shape.

For more on Haley Ann’s work visit her on the web.